Hi, my name is Reuben Walker, and this is my entirely hand written website. Well, apart from the little bits of code for things such as that facebook button down there. Sorry about the appearance, my last design goal was to make it look like Google, back in 2012. They've changed, I haven't.

You should check out my business. I fix and sell computers at Walker Computing. My time is somewhat restricted these days though, on account of studying for a Bachelor of Information Technology at Macquarie University in Sydney.

I used to have more here, but have decided to completely re-write my website a year or two ago and never got around to it. I'm not quite sure when that was actually.

New site coming someday. When/if I decide to put something here. (If you've got any ideas, let me know.) For now, you can see my facebook account here, Google+ , rarely used Twitter here, or a possibly outdated list of accounts here.
Or perhaps you'd like to check out my github. Sorry fellow students, uni assignments are hidden. (I can probably change that after end of semester though.)